Ok, so you've assembled all the tools necessary to incorporate the Bannerzest banner into your project. Here is what we're going to do. We (and by "we", I mean "you") are going to create and Bannerzest banner that matches the size of the image in our Rapidweaver theme's header. Next, you'll publish that banner to a location on the server who provides your Internet hosting. Then, you're going to use a text editor to open your chosen Rapidweaver theme's index.html file and add the code generated by Bannerzest. Lastly, you're going to preview the project and make all the embarrassing, spontaneous, unavoidable ooooh and ahhhh noisesLike the sounds a crowd makes at a fireworks display... you know, “OOOOH” followed by “AHHHHH”. This is the correct way to make the noises. NEVER put the “AHHHH” before the “OOOOH”. Don’t ask why, just NEVER do it. I’ve taken you this far and I’m not going to start giving bad advice now! that normally accompany seeing something truly awesome for the first time. And finally, you're going to drop Brian a note and tell him that it worked flawlessly (or if you insist on being a trouble-maker, drop Brian a note and tell him it didn't work and explain what happened)

First some helpful hints:
1) There are some Bannerzest themes that allow you to adjust the height and width independently of each other. These are the only current Bannerzest themes you can make the correct size to place in your RapidweaverIsn’t this the second or third time you’ve looked to see what Rapidweaver was? Promise me you won’t do this again. theme's header. From the web site I got this list of the current themes that allow you to customize both height and width: Accordion (all four of them)[Pro version], Book [Pro version], Coverflow [Pro version], Falling Stripes (1 & 2) [Pro version], Gallery, Hanging Slim, Quadrato, Simple SlideShow, Sliding Images, SnakeGrid and TextSlideShow [Pro version]. I don't personally think all these themes lend themselves to a nice header presentation but I'll leave that to you to decide. For most demonstration pages I've crated for the ShowcaseThe page with link to where you can see these modifications in action! Send me a link to your modification and I’ll add it., I've used the Simple SlideShow with a gentle fade between images and that is what you see displayed on this site... simple, elegant, not too many bells and whistles.

" style="float:left; margin: 2px 48px 2px 30px

2) I've read somewhere on the forums that using a folder or file name with the word "banner" in it is a bad idea. If I remember correctly, search engines pick up on that word and believe it is an advertising banner. I can't verify that but, just to be safe, I'll ask that when you create folders to hold your Bannerzest projects you use a word other than "banner". Try something like "bzest" or "hdr_bnr" or whatever. No sense looking for problems, right?


3) Not all browsers will be able to display your Bannerzest banner. People who never update their computers may have old versions of software that will not display your banner. Or, people may be using Internet Explorer 6Also referred to as IE6. This piece-of-crap, non-standards-compliant browser is the offspring of an unholy union between Microsoft and Satan himself. I feel dirty having even typed its name! Yeah, don’t get me started, IE7 isn’t much better. For this reason, we want to make sure that the viewer, even an IE6 viewer doesn't see a great big white gap where the banner is supposed to be. To do this, you want to have the default image that would be displayed if you were NOT adding this banner to be the same as the first image in your banner project. This accomplishes two thing: first, an image is displayed while your banner is loading..... a nice feature; second, in the event that the viewer's computer is unable to display your banner, a picture of your choosing shows up in its place and eliminates an otherwise unsightly white space where your header should be.

Duplicate Theme
Duplicate your theme

4) ALWAYS make a duplicate copy of your Rapidweaver theme before making modifications: To do this, open the theme drawer in Rapidweaver, find the theme you are modifying (Silk in my example), right-clickClick on your mouse’s right button. If you don’t have a two-button mouse, you may hold down the “control” button as you click and it will do the same as a right-click. on it and select "Duplicate theme". When prompted, insert the name of the duplicate theme you've selected. (in my example, I used the extremely clever title, "Silk Copy". NOTE : all images used in this site have been enabled with Fancy-zoom. You should be able (Because you're all smart enough to be Mac users and I'm sure you keep your software up to date) to click on an image and enlarge it for better viewing.

Reveal Theme Contents
Reveal theme contents

Finding the index file
So that's where the
index.html file was
hiding out!!

5) On the next page, "Your Theme" I am going to proceed as though you know how to access your theme's "Contents" folder and all the goodies that lie within. For those who do not know how, here is a brief tutorial: open the theme drawer in Rapidweaver, find the theme you are modifying (Silk copy in my example), right-click on it and select "Reveal Theme Contents in Finder...". You should the see a folder entitled "Contents". Congratulations, you are now a member of a select group of people who have gotten a peek "behind the curtains" of a Rapidweaver Theme. This is exactly like having a backstage pass for a concert with your favorite musical group. (Ok, I've overblown the magnitude of your accomplishments just a bit but you are to be congratulated for making it this far!!)