Welcome to my site dedicated to teaching Rapidweaver users to incorporate Bannerzest banners into the header of their websites. I'm Brian (forum username shukapaw) and I'll be your host at this site. This site is being built using Robbie White's Spectrum Theme. Robbie was gracious enough to donate a copy of this theme to me to help showcase this technique on this site. The flash banner you see displaying on this page was created from the stock artwork included in this theme. Although I am the one building this site, there are many others who have contributed in one way or another. NIne additional theme designers made ALL of their themes available to me for use on this site:

Welcome to our newest theme developers/sponsor.... Michelangelo from Multithemes.com and Sam Richardson from NorthStreetProductions.net

 Henk Vrieselaar
 Christoph Richardet of rapid-ideas
 Nick Cates of ncdthemes
 Gary Byrd of rapidweaverthemes
 Design Team of theme-weaver
 Will Woodgate of themeflood
 Jonathan Head at themes.nimblehost.com
 Michelangelo at multithemes.com
 Sam Richardson at NorthStreetProductions.net

The following theme designers have provided specific themes I've requested:
 Vitor Costa of weaverthemes
 Charlie Lockhart at Blueball Design
 Nik at realmacsoftware.com
 Josh Lockhart at joshlockhart.com
 Adam Merrifield at seydesign.com

Please support these developers !

It may take a while but I'll try to get to all those themes as time allows.
••••• I've also recently made the decision to focus on the themes from the developers who have chosen to take part in the project by donating their themes. I cannot afford to go out and buy themes from other developers just to write a tutorial for their particular theme that will ultimately lead to more sales for them. I'm not trying to be vindictive, just practical. •••••

Now let's get to modifying.....

On the site, I've displayed key terms and concepts in
YellowCongratulations... you figured it out. Easy, wasn’t it? . If you mouse-over these items, you will get further information. Try it now. NO, I MEAN IT, try it now. Ok, that's better. Underlined Yellow text is a link.

This is how this site is organized:

On this page you get to read my ramblings. At the bottom of this page I have conveniently placed a
”Donate” button.You are free to use this site whether you donate or not. However, you may have trouble sleeping tonight as you’ll realize my 10 sled dogs may not get supper. ;-) Hey, those folks at paypal went to a lot of work to design that button and to write the code for it so doesn’t it seem wasteful NOT to put it to use?  It is set up through Paypal.  If you found the site helpful, entertaining, amusing and/or educational, feel free to donate something. This is not required and you are free to use the site/technique regardless. But consider the work in creating and maintaining the site and the amount of "wow_factor" you can add to your site based on what you learn here! Come on, is $2 or $3 going to break the bank? Enough said.

On the
”Baby Steps”You’ve got to walk before you can run, right? This page will cover basic information and provide a few links to apps/utilities. page I'll present some very basic information and requirements for accomplishing this technique.

On the
”The Technique”Here I’ll explain how we will turn your normal theme into Frankentheme. [Ominous organ music playing in background] page I'll detail how the technique works.

On the
”Your Theme”Here is where we get our hands a bit dirty and look into the seedy underbelly of Rapidweaver. page I will give detailed instructions for implementing the technique on many specific RapidweaverSo you really looked at the tool tip to see what Rapidweaver was? Are you sure you’re not a PC user? themes. If the theme you'd like to modify is not listed, drop me a line through either the link at the bottom of each page or using the contact form on the "Feedback" page. I'll attempt to quickly post a "how-to" for your theme. Also, If you incorporate the technique into a theme that I do not have listed, please send me a detailed note on how you did it and I will include it on the site and credit you.

On the
”Showcase”A place to see what other people have done with this technique. When you’ve finished, send me a link and I’ll post yours too!! page I will provide links to pages that have been created using this technique or a variation of it.

On the
”Reference”The place to go to get all the necessary goodies (resources) for this project and a list of the theme developers whose themes I’ve included. Please support those developers who have helped sponsor this site. I MEAN IT... go buy one of their themes now! What are you waiting for?? page I will provide links to stuff (that's a technical term) that you'll need/want to accomplish the technique outlined on these pages.

On 10-28-08 I added another page entitled ”Advanced”You asked for it... You got it!!! This gem will tell you how to have different banners on different pages of your site. Suddenly, that donate button below is starting to look like maybe you ought to click it, huh?. Once you mastered the "how-to" aspect of the technique, you can go here and really show off! I've also published a demo site that displays the results of the Advanced technique!


NOTE: This is a new site and a new technique and as such I have not had a chance to test everything out with every combination of themes/browsers/plug-ins, etc. This is where you come in. If you encounter any issues, PLEASE let me know so I can attempt to figure out what the issue might be and see if it can be corrected.

Thanks and enjoy,