Let's get some of the basic requirements taken care of here. To accomplish this technique you'll need the following items at a minimum:


      A Macintosh ComputerDUH!


      RapidweaverYou really didn’t look here again, did you?


A copy of either BannerzestThe basic version of the banner creation software from aquafadas.com or Bannerzest ProThe Pro version of the banner creation software from aquafadas.com. This version has more features than the basic version. Either version will allow you to do what is necessary to accomplish the steps in this technique. I've arranged a discount on these applications from the developer for Rapidweaver users. If you don't already have a copy or have the basic version and would like to upgrade to the Pro version, go here (but don't forget to come back, ok?)

text editing applicationAn application that edits text. These nifty apps will allow you to open the index.html document built into your Rapidweaver theme and allow you to place the code generated by Bannerzest into the file. There are a number of free Mac-compatible text editors available. Two that come to mind are TextWrangler and Smultron.

Once you have assembled the goodies listed above, you are ready to jump right into an explanation of the technique.